Towong Shire

Upgrades to Existing Facilities

Towong Shire Council is committed to working with the community to identify priority facilities and infrastructure that warrant investment. Wherever possible, we try to maximise our own Council resources by seeking a contribution from the State and/or Federal Government. The following projects are a snapshot of where efforts are currently being directed.

Walwa Streetscape

Walwa's streetscape will be upgraded during the first half of 2018; part of Council's 4-year town beautification and improvements program.

The Triangles Tallangatta

The Triangles will be revitalised as the Destination Tallangatta project moves into its final stages

Hanson Street, Corryong

Hanson Street Fixing Country Roads project Council has received $1.49 million from Regional Roads Victoria for improvements to the western end of Hanson Street, between Kiell Street and Sugarloaf Road, as part of the Regional Roads Victoria

Transformation of Lakelands Caravan Park, Tallangatta

Work has commenced on upgrades to the Lakelands Caravan Park in Tallangatta and are expected to be completed by November 2019.

Fixing Country Roads - Bethanga and Eskdale

Towong Shire Council has secured over $1.16 million in funding for much needed road upgrades as part of the State Government’s Fixing Country Roads Program. This grant was the largest awarded to any Council as part of this program, and will be boosted by $333,150 of ratepayer funds for upgrades. The funding will deliver substantial improvements to intersections, parking, road surfaces and pedestrian safety in Bethanga and Eskdale, with projects scheduled to be delivered during the first half of 2019.

Roy Williams Park, Bellbridge

As part of the Our Bellbridge Masterplan, we are further developing and landscaping Roy Williams Park.

Corryong Airport Precinct Development

The $2.2m Corryong Airport Precinct Development project is underway, which will improve access to the Upper Murray for emergency services, including air ambulances and fire fighting activities, as well as attract increased aviation industry,

Towong Street Upgrade, Tallangatta

As part of the broader Destination Tallangatta project, sections of Towong Street are being improved.

Corryong and Tallangatta Swimming Pools Review

Towong Shire Council operates public swimming pools at Tallangatta and Corryong. Council also provides some funding for the on-going operation of the Eskdale pool which is managed by the Eskdale community.