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Mitta Valley 'Our Valley Our Future'

The ‘Our Valley, Our Future’ project is all about creating a strong, sustainable and vibrant community for everyone who lives, works and plays in the Mitta Valley. The project builds on the fact that small communities, which are great places to live, work and visit, are essential to the sustainability of rural Victoria.

‘Our Valley, Our Future’ is a collaboration between the Mitta Valley Advancement Forum, the Gardiner Foundation’s ‘Strengthening Small Dairy Communities Program’, Alpine Valleys Dairy Pathways Project and Towong Shire Council.

The project focusses on supporting the local economy, building local opportunities, increasing capacity and skills and creating sustainable partnerships. It will bring many opportunities to the area – the opportunity to plan together, to achieve projects, to access funding and to build the Mitta Valley community’s capacity.

The nine biggest challenges and priorities facing the Mitta Valley were identified through community research. The challenges identified were:

  1. Business and employment
  2. Farming
  3. Tourism
  4. Community infrastructure
  5. Communication
  6. Housing
  7. Opportunities for young people
  8. The ageing population
  9. Social cohesion

In order to tackle these challenges, priority actions were established to:

  1. Grow the local dairy industry
  2. Support established businesses to be more profitable and productive
  3. Create growth in local tourism
  4. Grow local businesses
  5. Increase new businesses
  6. Effectively market the Mitta Valley

For more detail, please download the Mitta Valley Community Plan below.

Mitta Valley Community Plan 2013 - 2016 (PDF 3548 KB)

Last updated: 07 December 2017