Towong Shire

Industrial Land

Corryong Industrial Estate

Corryong offers an attractive proposition to developers. With a local workforce, quality highway access to markets and competitive land values Corryong is the perfect place to build your business. Developers are encouraged to speak with us regarding the land available in the Corryong Industrial Estate, and how we can assist with development plans.

Development conditions apply to land within the industrial estate, including:                   

  • Building setbacks of six metres from the front property boundary (sealed parking or roadways may be constructed within the setback areas);
  • Perimeter fencing to be chain mesh, with a maximum height of 2400mm;
  • Outdoor storage is not permitted unless it is fully screened from all external aspects;
  • Areas not covered by buildings must be sealed – paved with bitumen or gravel or landscaped with lawn and trees;
  • A minimum one metre front landscaping strip to be provided as part of the landscaping plan.  Landscaping should emphasis local native trees and shrubs and minimise water use;
  • Planning permit application to be lodged within six months of contract being signed;
  • Substantial commencement to occur within twelve months of contract being signed;
  • The approved development to be completed within twenty-four months of planning permit being granted;
  • Contract null in void if a suitable planning permit, as deemed by the purchaser, is not ascertained; and
  • No overnight accommodation to be allowed or provided on site in any permanent or temporary structure or vehicle.

Towong Shire Council’s building regulations and planning staff are available to discuss proposed developments and work through development proposals.

For more information on land within the Corryong Industrial Estate or elsewhere within the Shire, please call Council's Manager Economic Development on 02 6071 5100.

Last updated: 21 March 2014