Towong Shire

Council Plans, Budgets and Reports

Council is required to prepare a Council Plan, a Budget for each financial year and an Annual Report. 

Council Plan:

Council must prepare and approve a Council Plan within the period of six months after each general election or by the next 30 June, whichever is later.

The Council Plan includes the strategic objectives of the council, strategies for achieving the objectives for at least the next four years, strategic indicators for monitoring the achievement of the objectives, and other matters which are prescribed by the regulations.

Council also develops other plans and strategies in collaboration with the community and/or other stakeholders. These plans support the Council Plan and provide detailed direction so that Council Plan objectives can be achieved.


Council prepares an annual budget, including a strategic resource plan. The budget sets out the financial framework for Council to deliver its core services and projects for the following financial year in accordance with the Council Plan. The strategic resource plan sets out what financial and other resources are required to deliver Council services over the following four years.

Annual Report:

The Annual Report provides a summary of Council’s operations and performance for each financial year. It reports on the progress made towards achieving the objectives, measures and priorities set out in the Council Plan and it contains a detailed financial report comparing Council's actual expenditure and income compared to what was set out in its annual budget.

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